Defining Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

Defining Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

Accidents happen every day from something very minor to something that causes injury or even death.  Some of these accidents are the result of negligence like car accidents, defective products, injuries at work, slip and falls and even an assault.  When you are hurt because of someone else’s negligence you can sue for compensation for the damages that you suffered because of the accident and injury.  Defining damages in your personal injury case is important, you need to understand exactly what you can ask for compensation for.

Common Types of Damages

When it comes to personal injury cases there are three types of damages that you can seek compensation for, they are financial damage, future financial damage and non-financial damages.  Financial damages are pretty straight forward, they cover things like all of your medical expenses relating to the injury, hospital bills, medication costs (both prescription and over the counter), lost wages while you are off work, travel expenses (to and from the doctor) child care expenses and other costs like those.

Future financial damages are there to help you with expenses you’re going to have going forward because of the injury.  Here are some examples, physical therapy, long term care, long term medical treatments and medications.  Non-financial damages include things like your pain and suffering, PTSD, losing your ability to continue in your career or education, permanent disfigurement and the mental anguish you have gone through.  Here is a closer look at the damages you can claim.

Medical Care and the Cost

If you have been seriously injured then it goes without saying that you are going to need medical care.  Medical care doesn’t come free or cheap even if you have insurance, your medical expense will represent a big part of your case.  You may have needed an ambulance, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy not to mention a variety of different tests.  The cost of medical treatment may vary from case to case but it tends to be directly proportional to the severity of your injuries.

Lost Income

If you have been severely injured and you aren’t able to go to work that means that the money you rely on to support yourself is no longer available to you.  You are entitled to compensation for that as well, and that includes things like food, rent or mortgage, utility bills and car payments.  All of these are things that you deal with in everyday life.  If you can’t work then you can’t pay your bills and this can be recovered in your personal injury case.

Speak to a personal injury attorney and they can go over with you exactly what your financial losses are and what you can seek damages for.

Written by Guy Cooper